Stephen Burgess


There are many different kinds of coaching. I offer independent, forward-thinking, solutions-based coaching.  I'll help you define and refine your goals and together we will work on strategies and actions to help you achieve them.


Lifestyle coaching can help with almost any aspect of your life.  Making the most of your free time, helping you make more free time, become a more effective decision-maker, gain more confidence or achieving your work aims; with my assistance, you will decide your goals and how to achieve them.


Career coaching can improve your skills, confidence and technique, making you a stronger candidate to gain interviews and clinch your dream job. 


Business coaching can offer you independent, unbiased assistance.  Some business owners work alone and feel they have no-one to common-sense check their ideas or thoroughly talk through their plans with.  A coach can offer a confidential ear, coupled with a challenging approach to ensure you set realistic, achievable goals for you and your business.